Realizing the Future

In San Benito County

The Vision

A focus on the
future of mobility

A global mobility revolution is underway, with a huge concentration of vehicle innovation occurring in the Silicon Valley. While the Silicon Valley does not have an optimal location to adequately test electric and automated vehicles– San Benito County does– creating a once in a generation opportunity for our community.

The combined location, scale, and topography of Strada Verde is irreplicable. We have the opportunity to create a world class vehicle testing facility in San Benito County. Strada Verde’s focus on innovation and environmentally sustainable technologies will draw the emerging mobility industry, along with associated educational and job opportunities, and billions of dollars in investment, into the County. This will significantly benefit both the current residents and future generations to come.

automated driving collage
birds eye view of automated cars on road and charging car

Project Overview

A state-of-the-art automotive research and testing facility

Located in northwestern San Benito County, Strada Verde will create a state-of-the-art automotive research and testing facility. At its core, Strada Verde will be comprised of vehicle testing and handling facilities that simulate various highway and urban environments, as well as climate conditions. The campus will include automotive research and education facilities, a driver experience center, e-commerce, and retail center. Strada Verde will provide a regional technological hub supporting groundbreaking automotive innovation.

Promote regional economic growth

Strada Verde is positioned to make San Benito County a center for technology enterprises, fueling job growth in the emerging e-commerce industry, as well as the research and development of zero-emission vehicles, and other advanced automotive systems. In addition to an estimated 15,000 construction jobs, Strada Verde will create over 5,000 permanent direct jobs and generate additional property and sales tax revenue will substantially improve the economic vitality of the County, providing jobs for local residents at all skill levels.

Rendering of Strada Verde

15,000+ Construction Jobs
$2 Billion annual recurring business operations
$2 Million annual sales tax revenue
Over 5,000 permanent direct jobs at build out

Person testing body of water
Over of the project area is reserved for agriculture and open space

Protect natural resources & respect agricultural history

Strada Verde will create two biological preserves; one adjacent to  the Pajaro  River, and a second at the base of the Lomerias Muertas Hills. These will provide permanent resource protection for important biological resources. Additionally, the establishment of areas identified exclusively for agriculture uses will ensure that farming remains an important chapter in the legacy of San Benito County. 

Agricultural District

The Agricultural district, located within the FEMA 100-year floodplain will be limited to agriculture uses, including row crop production and the use of new agricultural technologies and practices that increase farming efficiency, maintaining the agricultural heritage and regional identity that is so predominant in San Benito County.

Biological Preserve

Two areas will be designated as biological preserves to protect and enhance natural resources. By means of conservation easements, both preserves will be managed and maintained by a qualified public and/or non-profit agency, as approved by San Benito County and responsible state and federal regulatory agencies.

Testing Grounds

The Testing Grounds district will serve as an area for testing new technology in the mobility sector, including electrified and automated vehicles. It will consist primarily of open area, roads, tracks, and other features designed for the testing and engineering of vehicles and their components. Intended land uses include a three-mile straight track adjacent to the Union Pacific railway. Supporting ancillary office, research and development, labs, storage, maintenance, and fueling facilities are also envisioned.

Commercial District

The Commercial district will consist of ancillary commercial land uses including hospitality and retail establishments, as well as public service facilities such as fire and police stations. It is adjacent to the Central Greenway which, with its on-site pathways/trail, will enable employees to enjoy a healthy walk or bike ride as a part of their daily work routine.

Research Park

The Research Park (RP) district will be situated in the southwestern portion of Strada Verde. It will provide space for research, office, and light manufacturing uses. Premium research and development facilities will be encouraged. The RP district may also include education facilities and a driver experience center with associated tracks, retail, and hospitality.


The Ecommerce district includes a range of commercial and light industrial facilities, including distribution and logistics, data centers, research and development, and large footprint laboratories.


Located within the center of Strada Verde and along the perimeter, the Greenway areas serve several functions including the provision of open space, buffer zones, and stormwater management.

Primary Access

To minimize traffic on State Route 25, access to Strada Verde will be from Highway 101 via the existing Betabel interchange with no public access to State Route 25. To accommodate additional trips, the east side of the Betabel Interchange will be improved. Additionally, Y Road will be reconstructed with two travel lanes, landscaping on both sides. To facilitate wildlife movement, culverts and bridge crossings will be constructed along this roadway.

Economic Engine for San Benito County

Photo of construction during sunset

$2.5 Billion

Annual recurring business operations in the local economy
Fire station

$3.7 Million

Recurring fiscal surplus to the County’s General Fund
Photo of car overhead with trees

Roadway Improvements

$19 million in impact fees and $2 million in annual Measure G sales tax revenues
Two construction people talking with laptop


Total construction jobs over project buildout
Automobile be checked by a tester


Permanent direct jobs at build out
Person Working on Piece of Machinery

Educating our Future Workforce

$8.42 million in property taxes for schools and education

Strada Verde Does Not Propose Any Residential Development.