The Benefits


Economic Engine for San Benito County

Development of Strada Verde will provide high-paying jobs and new local revenues, without burdening San Benito County taxpayers, thereby providing our County with a 21st-century economic engine that will benefit our future generations for years to come.

Jobs for Today and Tomorrow

Over its buildout, Strada Verde will create more than 15,000 construction jobs with an average annual salary in excess of the area median income, many of which will be sourced from businesses based in San Benito County.

Most significantly, Strada Verde will also create over 5,000 permanent direct jobs at build out and $660 million in annual payrolls representing a wide range of salaries and job titles from Automotive Engineers and Software Developers to Truck Drivers and Cashiers. These permanent jobs will help reduce the number of people traveling to Silicon Valley and improving the County’s overall jobs-housing balance.

People working high-paying jobs

New Local Revenues

The total recurring revenues to the County are projected to be $6.5 million.  This includes a net surplus of $3.7 million to the County’s General Fund.

Annual property tax revenue would exceed $10 million, of which $8.4 million would be appropriated to the Aromas/San Juan Unified School District, Gavilan Joint Community College District, San Benito County Office of Education, and the Education Revenue Augmentation Fund.

    Automobiles in the Future

    Education and Training Benefits

    Career Pathways

    Strada Verde will provide the education and training for the automotive research development industry that will directly benefit current and future generations in San Benito County.

    Mobility Career Pathway Program

    To support this transition to clean transportation, SVIP will establish a partnership program with Gavilan College, local schools, industry, and trades to create a premier Mobility Career Pathway Program that will prepare local students and workers for new, higher-wage employment opportunities in San Benito County including:

    – Faculty recruitment

    – Curriculum development

    – Establishment of various degree and certificate programs

    – Establishment of on-site educational facilities

    automated driving collage

    Strada Verde Summer Academy

    The Strada Verde Summer Academy kicked off in 2022.  This internship program allows local high school students to learn and explore the commercial and technological evolution of electric vehicles.

    The Summer Academy focuses on three critical areas: industry assessments, communications outreach, and community involvement.  The 2022 curriculum supports Mobility Pathways as a career path and is designed to strengthen employability skills, connect interns to businesses and community members in San Benito County and provide real-world workplace experience with access to technical expertise.

    Strada Verde Summer Academy: 2022 Intern Class

    Strada Verde Summer Academy:
    2022 Intern Class

    Transportation Benefits

    Accelerating Road Improvements

    All public access to Strada Verde will be from the Highway 101/Betabel interchange.
    There will be no public access from SR 25.

    Accelerating Offsite Road Improvements

    Strada Verde is working with the County, Council of San Benito County Governments, VTA, and California State to accelerate the payment of fees or provide funds (as a community benefit) to address critical regional transportation improvements.  

    These include:

    – US 101 widening/upgrade

    – San Benito SR 156 Improvement Project

    – SR 25 Expressway Conversion Project

      Figure 3.8 Planned Regional Roadway Improvements By Others

      Reduced Commutes for Residents

      By providing a diverse range of well-paying jobs onsite, Strada Verde will help reduce the number of people commuting to Silicon Valley and improve the County’s overall jobs-housing balance.

      Recognizing the fact that traffic congestion is an important concern to all San Benito County residents, access to the project site will be solely from the Highway 101/Betabel interchange.  There will be no public access from Highway 25

      Figure 3.4 Regional Access

      Environmental Benefits

      Preserving our Resources

      Strada Verde is committed to preserving the County’s natural, cultural and agricultural resources.

      Preserving and Enhancing Sensitive Biological Resources

      Two areas at Strada Verde will be designated as biological preserves to protect and enhance natural resources and provide habitat for special status plants and animals. By means of conservation easements, both preserves shall be managed and maintained by a qualified public and/or non-profit agency, as approved by San Benito County and responsible state and federal regulatory agencies.


      Maintaining San Benito County’s Agricultural Heritage

      An agriculture district located adjacent to the Pajaro River will be maintained for row crop production and the use of new agricultural technologies and practices that increase farming efficiency; maintaining the agricultural heritage and regional identity that is so predominant in San Benito County.


      Sustainable Development

      Strada Verde presents an opportunity to implement a long-term vision for a sustainable and economically successful employment center. By definition, sustainability is a matter of meeting vital human needs of the present without compromising our ability to meet future needs. In order to work effectively, this principle must permeate every facet of design. The following measures provide a framework for achieving this goal:

      • Alternative Transportation Options
      • Water Conservation
      • Waste Reduction and Recycling
      • Renewable Energy for Self-Sufficiency
        Pajaro River Wetlands & Riparian Preserve

        Recreational Benefits

        A destination for locals and visitors.

        New public access will be created in areas adjacent to the Pajaro River where previously none existed.  Recreational benefits include a newly created publicly accessible 2.4-mile multi-use trail and wildlife observation areas, encouraging healthy outdoor activities.

        Strada Verde will also draw visitors to a Driver Experience Center allowing public access to the automotive testing facilities. The Driver Experience Center is complimented by a centrally located business center as a destination for hospitality, retail and tourism.

        Recreational Path

        Veteran’s Park Renovation in San Benito County

        Strada Verde Innovation Park is working with user groups and the community to provide funding for the Veteran’s Memorial Park Commission and/or other public agencies to redesign, reconstruct, and contribute towards the maintenance of the 33-acre Veteran’s Memorial Park.

        Hollister Veteran's Memorial Park

        Working Cooperatively with TriCal

        We are working with TriCal on additional safety measures beyond what is currently required to help assure an even safer environment for both Strada Verde and the surrounding area.

        Approval of Strada Verde Innovation Park will result in increased safety for San Benito County. TriCal, Inc. and Strada Verde have signed a comprehensive safety agreement that eliminates the need for any buffer zone around the TriCal facility on Bolsa Road by providing for the relocation of chemical storage and formulation activities outside the County if Strada Verde is approved.