Floriani Ranch

Hear from Dan Floriani about his family’s legacy in San Benito County

Strada Verde: Rooted in Agriculture, Technology, Education

Strada Verde is a project that has its core principles rooted in agriculture, technology, education, community investment and restoration of biologically important open space. When you understand the background and values of Dan Floriani and his family, the generational owners of Floriani Ranch and the site of Strada Verde, who are leading the way with respect to the vision for this project, you will understand why these core principles are ingrained in all aspects of the project. Do not be fooled by people who would like you to believe that this is just another outside developer coming into your community. The Floriani family – a partner in Strada Verde – has owned this property for over 45 years and Roberto Floriani, Dan’s father, immigrated from Italy bringing Dan and his siblings to northern California to shepherd the Floriani Ranch.

To understand the genesis of these core principles, one need look no further than how Dan and his family reflect and honor the values of Dan’s grandfather, Virgilio Floriani, and grandmother, Loredana Floriani.

From Torino to San Benito

Virgilio Floriani was born and raised in northern Italy as a peasant farmer. The first member of his family to ever attend school, Virgilio ultimately received a degree in engineering from the prestigious University of Torino. Upon graduation, Virgilio started working for communication/technology engineering companies in Italy. He then started his own company, Telettra, and developed and advanced several new break-throughs in communication technology. Virgilio’s company worked and partnered with companies, including Hewlett Packard, all over the world and became a worldwide recognized leader in its field, employing more than 7,500 people.

Upon retirement, Virgilio and Loredana founded the Floriani Foundation in 1978 to foster medical education and treatment of terminally ill patients, primarily through its innovative “Palliative Care” program, to help the needs of patients suffering from incurable diseases. At the time of formation of the Foundation, little or no attention was being given to this stage of a patient’s journey. The Foundation, which to this day is still active and growing, has helped in the treatment of tens of thousands of patients and has been recognized by every important world health organization for its efforts, especially with respect to home care services for advanced cancer patients. In fact, the program that set the gold standard for home treatment is now known as the “Milan Floriani Model”.

The Floriani Legacy

Fast forward to Dan Floriani and it is readily apparent to all just how important it is for him to make sure Strada Verde is a project in which his family can remain a partner from beginning to end and be proud of. With Dan’s father dying very young, Dan was left to fend for himself at an early age. Having spent most of his youth helping his late father Roberto manage the Floriani Ranch, Dan has always had a great love for the family property and the community.

Dan has himself become a very successful commercial real estate developer and, like his grandfather, has donated significant time and money to multiple charitable causes. As a result of Dan’s work with Time for Change Foundation, (started by Kim Carter, who has been named a CNN hero) which helps underprivileged women and children, Dan was in turn named by Kim’s Foundation as the “Business Leader of the Year”. Through Dan’s extensive charitable work, he has been awarded Certificates of Recognition from various members of the U.S. Senate, Certificates of Special Congressional Recognition, and Certificates of Commendation from various members of the California Legislature. In addition to such charitable activities, Dan has spent the last six years as an Adjunct Professor USC where he teaches Real Estate classes in its Masters in Real Estate program. While very busy with all of the above, Dan is also a loving father to three wonderful children, Gianni (13), Luca (10) and Betty (8).

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Let there be no doubt among anyone reading this message – the Floriani family, now lead by Dan, are directing the path for Strada Verde. Please watch the video linked to this message and hear Dan’s own words. His roots have been firmly established in San Benito County and he certainly is not an “outside developer” in any sense of the term.

After reading this message, please pass it along to as many people as you would like. I think it is critically important to get this message out to as many people as possible so that the truth in this matter can prevail.